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Since more than 5 years our association has been able to complete meaningful projects within the field of sexual and reproductive health education. This would not have been possible without the support of our generous donators.

Our association is depending on your contributions.


Corin Bieri (CH)
Margrit & Urs Fehlmann (CH)
Peter Gölz (CH)

Christian Nester (CH)
Ruth & Alfred Rösli (CH)
Annelies & Ueli Schurter (CH)
Christa Zihlmann (CH)

Antonia Steiner & Beat Schelbert (CH)
Peter Stierlin & Iris
Henseler Stierlin (CH)
Marlies & Walter Stierlin (CH)


Donator testimonials

Learn what motivated our donators to support the taboobreaker association.

Dorave-Foundation was founded to support and help women and children in Africa so that they are able to lead a better and healthier life and also to help them become more self-confident and lead a good and happy life.
We support taboobreaker because we are convinced that its approach to improve sexual education also enhances the self-esteem of women.

Dorave Foundation

The urgency of the problem combined with the deep and extensive experience of the founder Karin convinced me to support the development of the Love Land App.

Anonymous Donator

Global sexual education is the key to life quality and health of young people.
The Love Land App has a huge potential to make sexual education for young people unlimited accessible -independently from educational and religious standards.
That’s why I support taboobreaker.

Anonymous Donator

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