Our Background


Our non-for-profit association tackles tabooed issues, mainly in the field of sexuality, by developing playful programs for young people globally in order to foster their mental, social and physical health.












How it all started

Karin Stierlin


Karin Stierlin is the founder of the taboobreaker association and the developer of Love Land.
She is a sexual and reproductive health expert and has gained tremendous knowledge and expertise during her 15 years of professional and international experience in the fields of lecturing, teaching in the field of sexual and reproductive health.

„Lets break unnecessary taboos and support young people on their journey!“

After a successful pilot project in Indonesia with the Love Land boardgame she decided to establish her own business.
Her big empathy and strong flair for young people and her profound skills in developing playful learning programs in the field of sexual and reproductive health, formed the base for her vision. It is her aim to make the best out of these skills and to use them in cooperation with highly qualified experts in order to support young people globally on their life journey.

Current Project

Love Land the App

Transforming our Love Land board game into an app

Our experience with the Love Land boardgame gave us valuable insights about the benefits but also the limitations of this format. In order to reach a bigger audience and enhance the learning effectivity and motivation for the players, we decided to go digital.

Learn more about Love Land, how it works and how you can support the taboobreaker association in reaching its goal to educate young people about sexual and reproductive health.


Taboobreaker Bylaws

Taboobreaker is a non-for-profit association founded in 2014 and is adhearing to Swiss laws and respective legal regulations.
The bylaws are public and can be downloaded here.



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