In the meantime we successfully strengthened our board with top experts in many fields.

Not only the former president of the ETH Zurich is on board but also other great personalities who will support our Love Land project…

Prof. Dr. Ernst Hafen

Head of BSc Biology / Head of MSc Biology /
Deputy Head of the Institute for Molecular Systems Biology

President of the Board of the MIDATA cooperative in Switzerland


Ernst Hafen is a Professor of Systems Genetics at ETH Zurich (Institute of Molecular Systems Biology) and former president of ETH Zurich. Ernst Hafen has made seminal contributions to the field of developmental and cell biology and has received several prizes.
In addition he is the president of the MIDATA cooperative that provides a secure data platform. 

Ernst Hafen joined our board to support us in questions regarding the handling of personal data within the Love Land app.

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Dr. Martin Weber

Tropical Doctor 


Martin Weber regularly manages operations for relief organizations in disaster areas. He is driven by the need to help other people, and his desire for adventure.

With his tremendous professional experience in the field of global health, he is a huge value for taboobreaker and the implementation of the Love Land app.

Image Source: Augusta Theler

Dr. Christian Laux

Attorney at Law 


Christian Laux, is the founder of the law firm LAUX LAWYERS, that is specialized in IT and information law. He has many years of technology-related legal background, notably in the field of information technology.

With Christian Laux we have an outstanding expert on board who will support us in the field of cyber security and copyright questions.

Dr. Benjamin Hampel

Medical Doctor

Dr. Martin Viehweger

Medical Doctor


Benjamin Hampel and Martin Viehweger are both experts in the field of sexual health and sexually transmitted infections.

With their support we will be able to ensure that the contents of sexual health of the Love Land app will be correct and relevant for our main target group.