We want to break taboos !


Every day, an estimated 2'500 young people
are infected with HIV, globally.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

1 in 2 sexually active young person will get a sexually transmitted infection by the age of 25.
(REFERENCE: CDC; Department of human health services USA) 

Child Sexual Abuse

1 in 4 girls and one in 6 boys will be
sexually abused before age 18.
(Reference:Child Safe Education) 


Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death
among young people ages 10-24.
(REFERENCE:  center for disease control and prevention) 


is a non-profit association focused on
finding solutions to these problems
through developing playful educational tools.

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Our mission 

Children and young adults belong to the main risk groups in regard to globally tabooed topics.
Nevertheless there is still a lack of educational programs. 
taboobreaker develops playful programs that are seamlessly integrable into the curriculum.
The programs foster life skills and diffuse knowledge to prevent unnecessary pains.

taboobreaker on the road

Oral presentation at the 1st SA national Conference on Violence,
Johannesburg, South Africa 

August 14-17 2016

Giving an insight of contents of the child sexual abuse prevention program "safebodyland", that was developed with experts.

Participating at the International Conference Preventing Violence,
Cape Town, South Africa

September 8-9 2016

Application pending

Oral presentation at South Africa International Conference on education, Pretoria, South Africa

September 19-21 2016

Talking about the contents of Safebodyland and the relevance of emotional health as a condition for successful learning.

Our current Project 

Safebodyland is a cross-media program that is seamlessly integrable into the curriculum
and has the aim to prevent children from child sexual abuse.

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